Here you can find the current nightly build package of the ProM5 framework.

Be aware that builds offered here represent the nightly snapshot from the developer code base. It may not be able to compile, fail to run, return unexpected results, hell, it may even erase your hard disk for good and send spam email to your boss with your signature. You have been warned.

You can find our latest official ProM release at

Nightly build archive.

Last build performed on Tuesday, 15.02.2011, 03:10:33

In GZip-compressed Tar archive (*.tar.gz). Uncompresses with tar xzvf *.tar.gz on Unix, opens in WinZip on Windows.


  • Nightly integration build
  • Dependency libraries and external plug-ins
  • Startup scripts (.bat / .sh)
  • Runtime resources (images and configuration files)


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