Known Issues

In this section, you will find the last RapidProM version's current known issues that we are aware of. Some of them are plain bugs that will be fixed in the next release, and others are just RapidMiner features that we cannot (or do not have the time to) fix.

RapidProM 3.0.0 / 3.0.1

  1. After adding operator or loading a workflow, you have to click on all operators that use classifiers (e.g. discovery, conformance) in order to update the classifiers.
  2. In some machines, RapidMiner can unexpectedly close at the ‘import event log’ operator. Re-running the workflow usually works.
  3. In the Soundness check (Woflan) operator, some threads may keep running after timeout. Restarting RapidMiner gets rid of those threads.