ProM 6.4.1


:!:You need at least Java 7 to run ProM 6.4.1. Java 6 and earlier will not do.:!:

Installation Folder

ProM 6.4.1 installs in the user's home folder. As a result, ProM 6.4.1 files can be edited by the user. ProM 6.4 installed in the program's folder, which is typically protected against editing.


De(serialization) of the workspace has been discontinued. We encountered too many problems with it.

Linux (UNIX) shell scripts have been improved.

Cancelling an import now actually cancels the import.

Package Manager

The Package Manager now allows the user to select the amount of memory ProM may use. Depending on the actual platform, the selected memory amount is stored in some files.

The Package Manager now shows the “Not installed” tab if no packages have been installed, and selects the RunnerUpPackages package by default. As a result, if nothing has been installed yet, the user only needs to select the Install button, and the installation will be completed by downloading all appropriate packages.

The Package Manager now also shows error messages, in case any errors have occurred while downloading and/or installing packages. In case of errors, the overlay dialog showing the status of the installation process will not close automatically, and the text will turn red to visualize the fact that there were problems.


ProM 6.4.1 does not download any extensions declared in a log any more. All known extensions are preloaded, and a package can have other extensions preloaded, but an unknown extension which is declare din a log will not be downloaded. Reason for doing so is that the download does not offer any functionality, but may take much time in case of problems.


The DivideAndConquer package has been split into two packages: DivideAndConquer and DACAlgorithms. The first package contains the models with importers, exporters, and visualizers, the second contains algorithms to get from some model to another models (converters).

Bugs were fixed in some packages, see the Change logs.


Windows installer
EXE / 32,907 KB
TAR.GZ archive (all platforms)
TAR.GZ / 29,715 KB
ZIP archive (all platforms)
ZIP / 29,721 KB

These downloads contain the patch for the Import button as mentioned below.

Patch for the Import button

In case you encounter that the Import button freezes, you can either download one of the downloads mentioned above, an dinstall ProM again (no need to re-install all packages), or download the jar flie below and use it to replace the Uitopia.jar file in ProM's lib folder.

Uitopia.jar (all platforms)
JAR /242 KB


ProM 6.4.1 is distributed under the GPL license.