Free online courses with ProM

We have several online courses or MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) running on the topic of process mining. To help you pick which one to follow (first), the three courses are compared in the table below.

Aspect Process mining: Data science in action Introduction to Process mining with ProM Process mining in healthcare
Platform Coursera FutureLearn FutureLearn
Free to follow? YES YES YES
Year of publication 2014 (update in 2016) 2016 2017
Main focus Theory & concepts Practical use of ProM Application in healthcare
Summary Complete explanation of process mining, including in detail how algorithms work Practical oriented explanation of the process mining tool ProM, with 'need to know' explanation on how algorithms work Application oriented explanation of how process mining is applied / can be applied in the healthcare environment
Can I get a certificate? Yes Yes Yes
Main teacher Wil van der Aalst Joos Buijs Joos Buijs
When can I start Continously and regular sessions The FutureLearn courses are open for the majority of the year but we run a new session 4 or 5 times a year
Length 6 weeks of 3-5 hours each 4 weeks of 3 hours each 4 weeks of 4 hours each
Types of assessment In-video quizzes, tests, peer assignment Quizzes, tests, peer assignment, discussion Quizzes, tests, discussion

Can I follow these courses in any order? Yes you can! They are set up to be self-contained as well as distinct from each other. You can start from the theories to ProM to healthcare, or the other way round, or start with the tool and then understand the theories behind it and then the application. In this case there is no process, only parallelism!

Process Mining: Data science in Action

The course explains the key analysis techniques in process mining. Participants will learn various process discovery algorithms. These can be used to automatically learn process models from raw event data. Various other process analysis techniques that use event data will be presented. Moreover,the course will provide easy-to-use software, real-life data sets, and practical skills to directly apply the theory in a variety of application domains.

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Introduction to process mining with ProM

On April 13, 2020, the twelfth run of the free FutureLearn online course ‘Introduction to process mining with ProM’ will start. Join the 15.000 students who enrolled before you and join the course!

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Process mining in healthcare

On April 13, 2020, the sixth run of the free FutureLearn online course ‘Process mining in healthcare’ will start, register now! We are happy to be able to run this course again.

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