ProMimport - Swiss army knife for event logs.

What the heck is going on inside your organization? Does your information system support your processes the way you intended it to? Or is it driving your workforce crazy? Do you get the quality, performance and throughput that were promised to you by your vendor? Do you need to have a serious word with your process designer?

Process Mining techniques give you a powerful tool to assess the quality and performance of your business process. They can give you insight into tacit knowledge and hidden practices. And they can assist you in pinpointing that points within your process or organization, where things just go plain wrong.

MXML is an extensible, XML-based format for storing process event logs. It is the format supported by process mining analysis tools, such as ProM. Converting your logs to, and storing them in, the MXML format makes them accessible for in-depth analysis with some of today's most advanced business process intelligence tools.

The ProM Import Framework has been designed from the ground up to make converting event log data to MXML a snap. Its convenient interface and powerful capabilities make it usable for even novice and non-technical audiences. At the same time, it is designed as a developer-friendly framework. Most functionality you may need for stitching together an import filter for your own excentric system is provided out of the box. Forget user interface design, persistency of data and configuration options, and dependency resolution - it's all there, tried, tested, and ready for your spin.

Both as a user and developer you will find, that the ProM Import Framework actively supports you in what you have in mind: Get the job done. No fuzz and rebuilding thanks to an advanced plug-in concept. And MXML persistency in all supported storage variants.

The back-end, which the ProM Import Framework uses for working with and persistently storing MXML event log data, has recently been made available as the MXMLib library. Make your process-aware information system capable to export its audit trails in MXML in a matter of hours!

Both the ProM Import Framework and the MXMLib library are published under the revised BSD license. We welcome additions to our code base, most invited are submissions of further plug-ins, for whatever system they may support. Join the ranks of our log-reverse-engineering squad, and write an import filter plug-in for your system of choice!

© 2009 by Christian W. Günther

Our research and the development of ProMimport is sponsored by:
TU/e, STW, Beta

current version: 7.0
released on 30 June, 2009
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