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This series addresses people who are new to process mining or our tools. It should provide you with the background information necessary, and help you to get started quickly and painlessly. This is a continuous effort, and we will publish new episodes in random intervals, as soon as they become available.

Episode 1  What Is Process Mining?
24.04.2007, Christian W. Günther, Runtime: 6:57

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An informal introduction to Process Mining. What is a process? What is Process Mining, and why would I want to do that? This clip tries to answer these questions, and introduces our tool suite for Process Mining.

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playEpisode 5    Petri Net Analysis in ProM
12.01.2009, Arya Adriansyah, Runtime: 33:02

In this talk, Arya Adriansyah presents the design and implementation of a set of plugins for Petri net analysis in ProM. These plugins are built on the upcoming ProM architecture, also illustrating the flexibility of composing elementary plugins to macros.
Recorded at the ProM User Meeting, TU Eindhoven, 12 January 2009.

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playEpisode 4    Implementing BPMN in ProM
18.12.2008, Remco Dijkman, Runtime: 27:19

Remco Dijkman gives a brief introduction to BPMN, and shows how he implemented the BPMN model in ProM using a JGraph visualization. This talk provides a nice overview about the efforts required, and the pitfalls encountered, when implementing a model type in ProM.
Recorded at the ProM User Meeting, TU Eindhoven, 8 December 2008.

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playEpisode 3    Process Mining Web Service
11.11.2008, Sven Lambrechts, Runtime: 37:27

Sven Lambrecht introduces his project, which makes available a subset of the process mining functionality from ProM via a web service interface.
Recorded at the ProM User Meeting, TU Eindhoven, 10 November 2008.

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playEpisode 2    Getting Friendly With ProM
25.04.2007, Anne Rozinat, Runtime: 6:54

An introductory demo of ProM, our process mining tool. What can you do if you are new to ProM? This clip shows you how to find your way and briefly demonstrates the discovery of a process model, its extension with performance information, and the conversion and export of this model to the YAWL workflow engine using the running example from our ProM tutorial.

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