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-{{ :rapidprom:website_under_construction.png?​nolink ​|}}+====== Research ====== 
 +In this section you will find all the //research articles// related to //​RapidProM//​. 
 +If your RapidProM-related paper is not on this list, please //let us know!//. 
 +  * [[https://​pure.tue.nl/​ws/​files/​3920663/​570806678622551.pdf|Supporting Process Mining Workflows with 
 +  * [[https://doi.org/​10.1007/​s10009-015-0399-5|Scientific workflows for process mining: building blocks, scenarios, and implementation]] 
 +  * [[http://​ceur-ws.org/​Vol-1527/​paper3.pdf|Exploiting Process Cubes, Analytic Workflows and Process Mining for Business Process Reporting: A Case Study in Education]]
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