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-====== RapidProM ​ ======+{{ :​rapidprom:​logo.png?​nolink&​300 |}}
----- +<​html><​center>​ </​html>​ 
-{{ :​rapidprom:​website_under_construction.png?​nolink |}}+ ===== Bringing Process Mining to Analytic Workflows =====  
-RapidProM ​is under "rapid development", and so is its websiteStay tuned for documentation, and other materialas it's coming soon! +<​html><​center>​ </​html>​ 
-----+**//​Using ​RapidProM ​in your research?//​** 
 +**//Please cite: [[https://​arxiv.org/​abs/​1703.03740]]//​** 
 +<​html></​center>​ </​html>​ 
 +<WRAP center round box 80%> 
 +<​html><​p align="justify"> </​html>​ 
 +Today'​s Information Systems (ISs) record huge amounts of data about the business processes they support. These data can be used for process mining. This way we can analyse the operational processes within an organization based on facts rather than fiction. Examples of these processes are the handling of a loan application within a bank or the treatment of a patient within a hospital. If you are not familiar with process miningwe recommend this [[https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=7oat7MatU_U|introductory ​ video]]. 
 +<​html><​p align="​justify">​ </​html>​ 
 +Currently, process mining is gaining more and more attention both in industry and practice. As such, the number of process mining tools is steadily increasingHowever, none of these tools allow for composing and executing analysis workflows consisting of multiple process mining algorithms. As a resultthe analyst needs to perform repetitive process mining tasks manually ​and scientic process experiments are extremely labor intensive. To this endwe have connected RapidMiner, which allows for the definition and execution of analysis workflows, with the process mining framework [[http://​promtools.org|ProM 6]]. As such any discovery, conformance,​ or extension algorithm of ProM 6 can be used within a RapidMiner analysis process thus enabling process mining workflows. 
 +<WRAP clear/>​ 
 +{{youtube>​2u3hBcQlB84?​large}} ​ 
-The RapidProM Extension. 
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