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ProM 6 nightly builds

…for the brave and the impatient

Here you can find the 10 latest nightly builds for the ProM framework. Apart from that, we keep the current version of the ProM API documentation (javadoc) accessible.

Be aware that builds offered here represent the nightly snapshot from the developer code base. It may not be able to compile, fail to run, return unexpected results, hell, it may even erase your hard disk for good and send spam email to your boss with your signature. You have been warned.

New: Relative URLs in Package Repository

:!: As of Tuesday July 17, 2018, the package repository for the ProM Nightly Build contains relative URLs. Before that date, the repository contained only absolute URLs. You need a ProM Nightly Build from a later date, or at least version 6.9.70 of the ProM Framework, to be able to handle these relative URLs properly. Earlier versions of the ProM Nightly Build, and earlier versions of the ProM Framework, will not be able to handle the new repository with relative URLs.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the latest nightly build, say ProM-nightly-YYYYMMDD-1.X.tar.gz, and save it in some local folder.
  2. Extract the ProM-nightly-YYYYMMDD-1.X.tar.gz archive. The archive is a gzipped tar archive, so extracting might require two stages: one the extract the ProM-nightly-YYYYMMDD-1.X.tar file from the ProM-nightly-YYYYMMDD-1.X.tar.gz file, and one to extract the ProM-nightly-YYYYMMDD-1.X folder from the ProM-nightly-YYYYMMDD-1.X.tar file.
  3. Go into the unpacked ProM-nightly-YYYYMMDD-1.X folder.
  4. Run the ProM Package Manager from there (using either the PackageManager.bat file or the file).
  5. Install the packages you want to use. If you are not sure, install RunnerUpPackages.
  6. Close the ProM Package Manager.
  7. Run ProM (using either the ProM.bat file or the file).